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Content Development and Graphics for Websites, Books, Magazines, Company Profiles, Newsletters, E-Mailers


Corporate Communications, Brand Management, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Online Promotions, Media Campaign Planning, CSR


Editing, Proof-Reading, Printing & Publishing of Books & Magazines, Websites, Personal Portfolios, Company Profiles


A Few Glimpses

The Future Of Design

Content writing for design portal

Sameer Chawda Photography

Content writing for website

IMAP Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Content writing for website

Places (Re)-Discovered (Editor)

A Compilation of the Louis I Kahn Trophy, NASA

50 Luxury Apartments in India

(Author-Editor) Coffee-table Book featuring the best of apartment living

Insite - IIID

Official Publication of the Institute of Indian Interior Designers


The Journey

  • 1994-1999

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Career started with Indian Architect & Builder. Subsequently associated with leading design and architecture magazines of the country; including Society Interiors, Design Digest, House Layouts, Inside Outside. Forays into newspaper writing (as Columnist for The Times Of India, Baroda), into digital media (with the earliest CD-ROMs; one on Vastushastra and another on Indian Tourism) Television serial scripting (décor-based shows) such as Aashiana on Zee TV.

  • 1999-2004

    International Exposure

    Sydney: Children’s education – conducted art and craft workshops for young kids, children’s stories! • Marketing and brand building – gained insight in international businesses and marketing

  • 2004-2011


    Freelancing with magazines like Inside Outside Consulting Editor for Femina Book Of Interiors (a WWM – Times Group publication – which eventually metamorphosed and started off as BBC Good Homes!) Conceived and launched Insite (the official publication of the Institute of Indian Interior Designers-IIID) in March 2008, was the Editor till July 2011

  • May 2010

    Foray into Books

    Book: "Places (Re)-Discovered" – Editor, where the challenge was to compile assorted students' work (winning entries of the LIK Trophy of NASA) in a coherent, comprehensible format; published by Akar Unlimited.

  • October 2010

    Corporate Communications

    Portfolio for Designers Group – Author-Editor of the compilation, spearheaded the brand building and strategic planning initiative by the firm (which included revamping the company’s corporate image – through refurbishing their stationery, website, and publishing a stylish portfolio in the form of a hard-bound 250 pg book)

  • October 2012

    First Coffee Table Book

    ‘50 luxury apartments in India’ – Author-Editor, involving huge amount of research and data/material procurement and shortlisting the 50 most appealing designs for further processing. The data was then compiled – with each selected entry assembled in a standard template. Tailored to appeal to professionals as well as design-lovers, the book published in October 2012, by White Flag Media and Communications , has sold over 10000 copies. Writing monographs on architects such as Ar. Hafeez Contractor, Ar. Sanjay Puri and Ar. Hiren Patel are all Works-in-Progress! Thorough research of their work-style and body of work and then writing a critique on their personal mode/style of architecture – is an enjoyable learning experience.

  • March 2012 – present

    The Digital Journey

    • The Future Of Design; - Eventually the path led to the digital world – with TFOD, a professional networking platform positioned to grow into an online global community of art, architecture and design! IMAP Systems – revamped the website of IMAP Systems Pvt Ltd - a web design & development outfit; also makers of TFOD Online content creation: for websites, newsletters and e-mailers. - personal website for professional photographer Sameer Chawda. Revamped it to a fully responsive format! – a responsive online selling site for Ahmedabad-based designers Archana and Amit Shah

  • In A Nutshell

    Our Story

    Founded in 2012 AD IDEAS was created with a vision to deliver to the client end-to-end Content Development & Corporate Communications solutions. With Visualisation & Design supporting the Content Development and Ad-space Selling & Digital Marketing supporting Corporate Communications, the AD IDEAS philosophy is sustainable and adaptable! Wordcrafting – is the genesis of our existence. Our mission is to spin beautiful stories and use them in meaningful contexts, to enhance the clients’ business. We prefer a multi-layered communication strategy – so as to deliver to our clients a distinct and powerful program that addresses each target audience in the language (written, spoken or visual) they understand and are able to identify with. Mapping innovative ideas across a variety of media to beget tangible results - is the philosophy we stand by. Our faith in what we do that helps us to achieve a high degree of success and satisfaction. At AD IDEAS, we believe, and the beliefs are backed by research and case-studies, that the visual appeal (image/graphics) is the most powerful tool of impact, and that every communication about a business that goes out to the world must necessarily be content-driven, and have a purpose-driven design! We have seen several examples of failed campaigns – caused by poor understanding of the purpose or complicated and confusing content of its website/newsletter! AD IDEAS plans and writes impactful content – understanding the product and its targeted audience. Working closely with the technical team, during the sitemap and wire-framing stages, we aim to blend content and design to enable a seamless and pleasurable experience of navigating the website. Brainstorming sessions on brand building and promotions enable us to devise optimized marketing solutions.

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Words Of Encouragement

“Ar. Roopa Sabnis Pinge is a renowned name in Architectural Journalism and has been the Editor for many design/architectural magazines. She has written in Newspapers like The Times Of India and has also been on the Advisory Panel on several design-related publications. Her command over written English and particularly on design vocabulary is extremely noteworthy. She can capture the essence of design accurately in words. Her aesthetic awareness, about contemporary design styles is appreciable. She has also texted my educational web site for Basic Design subject, taught to students of Architecture. Her feature on my award-winning Heritage Conservation work of Khoja Jamat Khana at Bandstand Bandra (West), is worth mentioning. She is one of the most important acquaintances of my professional career. ”


“Meeting a young lady architect, just arrived from Baroda to Mumbai - all ready to venture into journalism - was a pleasant surprise. Being an architect with good command over English she was set for a bright future. Since then, she edited or wrote in prestigious magazines and books. It was my privilege to have some of my featured projects written by her, in various magazines and more recently on TFOD – all of which are highly appreciated. After her sabbatical 5 years in Singapore & Sydney, she returned with new ideas and enthusiasm. I have seen her grow in the field of architecture and Interior design journalism, shifting from print to digital media, with a portal called TFOD – The Future Of Design – to bring on a common platform artists, architects, designers, materials and methodology; which has become a trendsetter..”


“From the beginning of my independent practice, I know Ar. Roopa Sabnis Pinge. Her choice of career – shifting from mainstream architecture to the then-offbeat track of architectural journalism was intriguing. Roopa’s writing is sincere, honest, and incisive; her flair for getting the essence of the design apparent in all the writing she has done over the past 23 years. Roopa has had a rather eventful career, full of opportunities and challenges. She has been on the Editorial teams of many publications, besides being a columnist for The Times Of India’s Baroda Edition. She has also done television shows, CD-ROMs, and authored-edited books. Now shifting to the digital media, she has masterminded a portal for art, architecture and design – The Future Of Design. She is at the helm of the changing scenario and I wish her luck in all future endeavours.”


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